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Major Update for Soul of the Ultimate Nation

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Ijji’s Soul of the Ultimate Nation, also known as SUN, has received a major content update today. First and foremost, the level cap has been raised to 115. A new field, called The Aiort Graveyard, has been released so players can enjoy fresh content as they grind it out to the new level cap. The Aiort Graveyard comes with a whole host of missions and quests to spice up gameplay.

A new Group system has also been added. It’s definitely original, but a little difficult to explain. Basically, each player can invite a maximum of 5 others to a group. When any of these five players acquire experience, the player who started the group will receive a 3% experience bonus. But that’s not all, each of the group members (besides the leader) can start a sub group by inviting up to five additional members. Members of this sub-group can then go on and recruit five players each as well.  It all ends up to a nice experience sharing scheme with plenty of bonuses to go around. Players who group with active users in this way will enjoy faster experience gain, even while they are logged off! If my explanation was confusing, read the official patch notes below for an alternative explanation.

A major PvP feature called the Shield System makes its first appearance in this patch. All classes will receive Shield Points which will absorb 80% of incoming PvP related damage until depleted. SD cannot be ‘healed’ like normal HP and is hidden from other players. The whole purpose of this feature seems to be to extend PvP encounters. Poison, burns, weakening, and some other effects do not effect SD and go straight to health. Will this make PvP battles more exciting? Only time will tell.

Plenty of other small tweaks were added, including new craftable items, quests, and premium items available for purchase. Unfortunately, players didn’t get everything they were expecting with this update. The new Shadow character has yet to be added, no new pets were announced, and no new high level armor. Ijji and the developers over at Webzen better work together to bring the North American version up to date with the Global service.

Full Release:

Dear SUN Players,

Our next content update is scheduled for February 25th, 2010! This will include the following:

-The level cap will be raised to 115.

-All new field: The Aiort Graveyard – including all new missions and quests.

The Group System –

-This system allows you to share the benefits of game play with your friends. This format is akin to a family.
-One “parent “can invite a maximum of 5 “children” to a group.
-These 5 children can invite 5 of their own children. Those children can invite 5 of their own.
-The benefits will only be exchanged between parents and children. Grandparents and great grandparents will not receive any benefits.
-The parent will get 3% of the EXP bonus that the children acquire.
-If both the parent and children play simultaneously, the children get 3% of the heim bonus that the parent acquires.
-If the level of the children are greater than or equal to the parents, the benefit is not applied.
-Parents can receive up to 7 days of experience from their children, even if they are logged off, amounting to a maximum of 3 million experience.
-Family invitations can be done in-game, via your user interface.

The Shield System –

All classes will receive Shield Points (SD) resulting the expanding HP during PvP combat.
-This is a self recovering system only. Your SD cannot be healed by others.
-Only sitting, standing, or running can recover SD.
-SD is only applied during PvP combat. 80% of damage in PvP will be distributed towards SD, and 20% will be distributed towards HP.
-If the damage received exceeds SD, SD is decreased first, and the remainder is distributed towards HP.
-SD is not visible to your fellow players.
Exceptions –
Poison, injuries, burns, weakening, dark fire, poison enchants, HP observation, panic, some skills will still direct HP directly and will not be distributed towards SD.

– Personal Way point – cash item will be added.

-Guild Mark Backgrounds – 138 kinds of guild mark backgrounds and patterns

-Quests –
-100 consecutive quests starting from level 70.
-89 quests in Etherain, Valley of Dragonkin, and Aiort Graveyard.
-Cursed Tower – 20 new quests for cursed tower. You will be able to get the seal and two rings from the quests.
-Some quests added between certain missions.
– Ignis necklace will be added.

Crafting –
-Kalbus accessories
– Mega stone
-Noblesse Crystal
-Roshfelt Cloth
-Special Reinforcing Agent
-Wiseman’s Stone
-Enhanced Devildom’s Bone
-Sack of Gold Powder
-Alt’s Feather
-Magic Stone
-Praying Stone
-Magic Orb
-Hawk’s Feather
-High Quality Thread
-Silk Cloth

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