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Mac beta begins for Conquer Online

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Conquer Online is preparing to launch a Mac client, and is now running a beta for the Mac client from April 8 until April 26. Players can use the same Conquer Online account they already own, or create a new one.

Every player gets a set of equipment, skills, items, and levels, so they can test features without having to waste time leveling up.

Conquer Online is published by TQ Digital, which also publishes The Warlords, Crazy Tao, and Eudemons Online.

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Conquer Online Mac Beta Client Available Now!

Beta Test Starts Today!

Macintosh owners just got another great MMO game to try out! Earlier today, TQ Digital announced that the final Mac beta client of their 2.5D, free-to-play, Kung Fu MMORPG, Conquer Online is ready for all the Apple-loving players to download and try out! (Note: This beta client is only designed for Mac computers.)

The Beta Test will last from Apr. 8th 26th. After installing the Mac Beta client, all players entering this trial will be able to access the new Mac Beta Server with their current Conquer account ID and password. Or, you can register a new account on the official website.
The TQ team will provide every testing player with a full set of super equipment, all skills, and some in-game items, so that they can go straight to testing out the various features!

Mac Beta Client Download:
–   FTP Download
–   BT Download
–   BT Torrent

This April 8th, it will be an unforgettable ride down the road for you all Mac users! So, what are you still waiting for? Join Now!

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