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Lost Saga enters open beta

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OGPlanet’s newest MMO, Lost Saga, has entered open beta.

Lost Saga is an action/fighting game, and begins with 23 available heroes in the first season to battle it out. The game features several maps to play on, and has two battle modes so far. Boss mode allows the strongest player to become a “boss,” able to take on more than they would alone – but whoever takes you down becomes the new boss. Prisoner mode allows you to defeat your opponents by knocking them off, or imprisoning them – but imprisoned players can be freed by their team mates. It also features a reputation and effort system.

The Original Press Release:

Lost Saga Enters Open Beta

Multiplayer Fighter from OGPlanet Features Heroes of Myth and Legend

El Segundo, Calif.-Oct. 28, 2009– Lost Saga, the newest addition to OGPlanet’s family of high-quality, free-to-play massively multiplayer online games, is now entering its open beta test phase.

Lost Saga is an action-packed fighting game that brings heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and history to life in an all-out-brawl for the ages. Players start by choosing from a wide variety of heroes, including everything from boxing champs to iron knights, pirates to ninjas, and even cowboys to dark shamans. Each hero comes with unique skills and abilities, and as players hone their battle skills and gain experience, their characters’ powers will grow.

“We’re thrilled to bring such a fighting game as unique as Lost Saga to the U.S. under our free-to-play model,” said Sangchul Park, CEO of OGPlanet. “From day one, Lost Saga will provide players with immersive, richly varied gameplay, and we will be rapidly expanding the game, adding new heroes, maps, battle modes and more. In fact, we plan to have more than 100 heroes available throughout the game’s lifespan, adding an incredible level of depth that is rarely seen in many casual online games these days.”

Battles in Lost Saga come in all sizes and types. In Crown Control mode, heroes must defend their team’s crown from their enemies, while in Prisoner mode, players can capture their opponents on the field of battle. Power Stone mode challenges players to protect their skills by keeping their Power Stone safe, and Boss Raid mode gives one hero the ultimate advantage as he becomes the boss his opponents must destroy.

The armor and weapons in Lost Saga are each associated with specific skills, and players who are prevailing in battle can claim their opponents’ armor and weapons, along with the accompanying skills, as their own. An innovative character-swap system lets players switch out characters from their full arsenal of heroes in the middle of battle to change tactics and baffle their opponents. Thousands of skill combinations and variations make Lost Saga an ever-changing battle that keeps players on their toes, while an engaging art style and intuitive controls keep the game accessible and fun.

Like all of OGPlanet’s games, Lost Saga provides a high-quality, completely free-to-play experience. The entire game can be enjoyed without spending a dime!

For more information on Lost Saga, or to sign up as an open beta tester, please visit

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