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Lords Online adds new equipment sets

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IGG’s latest version update to Lords Online adds new equipment sets for player’s heroes.

The sets grant attribute bonuses, and are composed of a weapon, shield, armor, gloves, and boots. Each piece of the set offers a bonus, and the more pieces a hero has, the more bonuses they get. For instance, the set bonuses on the Warlord’s Armor are:

2-piece: Additional Physical Attack

3-piece: +5o strength

4-piece: Physical Attack Bonus for Troops

5-piece: More Troop Bonus

Set pieces can be obtained randomly while heroes are adventuring around the worlds of Lords Online.

The Original Press Release:

Lords Online: New Version Adds Cool New Equipment Sets

The new version 1.5 of IGG’s Lords Online has introduced many new features and additions to the game, including some super cool equipment sets. The new sets grant heroes considerable attribute bonuses, combining awesome looks with formidable power.

A full set of equipment consists of a weapon, a shield, armor, gloves and boots. Heroes can obtain a piece at random by defeating a monster out among the outskirts of the land. Each piece of equipment belongs to a specific equipment set.

Different equipment sets grant a hero a different effect and attribute bonus. Equipping even one random piece of a set will result in a bonus, but using multiple pieces will result in additional bonuses. For example, a hero using two random pieces of a Warlord Apparel Set will gain +3,000 Physical Attack. Using three pieces will result in an additional +50 Strength. Heroes equipped with four pieces of a set will not only increase their personal abilities, but also provide their troops an additional attack power bonus. Four pieces of Warlord Apparel Set will grant the hero’s troops a +10% Physical Attack buff. A full Warlord Apparel Set will greatly increase a hero’s attack power, defense power, and other attributes, but also improve the power of their troops.

Obtaining an awesome set of equipment will vastly increase your hero’s power and reputation. Start collecting your own cool new set today and see what it can do for you!

Visit the Lords Online official site at to learn about all the improvements in version 1.5 and get the latest news. Visit for more about IGG and its growing family of games.

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