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Lagoonia introduces new building system

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InnoGames has introduced a new building update for Lagoonia.

The update introduces multiplayer building, where players can interact and help each other. There are three structures players can work together to build: weather gods that can determine the gender of incoming characters, foliage statues that return rare resources, and a notice board that sends characters out automatically to collect energy. The update also launches a Russian language version of the game.

InnoGames also publishes Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars.

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Lagoonia Furthers Friendships with Multiplayer Features

Hamburg, April 25, 2012. New browser game Lagoonia was upgraded today with a multiplayer building system to allow for even further emphasis on player interaction. InnoGames is confident this update will enhance engagement and satisfaction for users, as friendships and in-game support systems are formed. “Lagoonia players join to connect with others,” explains game designer Kathleen Kunze, “the more ways we can facilitate this in-game, the better.”

The just-released multiplayer building system includes three types of structures to build with friends: male and female weather gods which allow players to determine the gender of incoming characters, foliage statues that give back important rare resources, and a notice board that sends characters to collect energy throughout the island automatically.

These structures can be found in the building menu, under the “special buildings” tab, and can only be constructed once in the game. With this update, a Russian language version of the title has also been launched.

The focus of Lagoonia is on the relationships between characters and players. One can plan and create many things that make the island livable and fun: from a warm fire and a cozy shelter, to useful fish nets, and later in the game lighthouses and waterslides. The game is free and no download is required – the only technical requirements are a browser and an internet connection. The game is currently featured in the Google Chrome Store.
With about 75 million registered players, InnoGames is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of online games. The Hamburg-based company has scored major successes with games such as Tribal Wars, The Westand Grepolis.

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