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BasketDudes announces game improvements

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BasketDudes has launched a new update to improve the game.

The update includes a new player, Nikos Kataraktas “Gimmick,” and you can now look through an updated players guide featuring all 56 available team players. Player selection during the match has been improved, defenders have been fixed, and dribbling has been improved to decrease steal chances. New game cards, and new rules for the WBC tournaments, are also in place.

BasketDudes is published by Bitoon Games.

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BasketDudes, after recieving the “Best Online Videogame for PC” award at the 7th Annual Gamelab Videogame Industry Ceremony, presents updates and improvements.

BasketDudes, Best Online Videogame at the VII Gamelab Edition Awards, continues to grow and improve its gameplay with significant updates to give players a better ingame experience.

The WBC presents its new player; the Greek Nikos Kataraktas “Gimmick,” a forward defensive player with exceptional skills in which is already available in BasketDudes. Users will also find the complete and updated PLAYERS GUIDE, with all the profiles and skills of the 56 players that are currently available in BasketDudes!

There are much more improvements in the game and now we have a new and improved system of player selection during the match. Also defenders should now not act as if they are not frozen anymore and will now function properly, we have also improved the dribbling skills in which players with higher dribbling skills will be harder to steal the ball from.

And finally, there are new gaming cards which increase the strategic options and introduce new events into your game. To manage all the new components and users’ strategies fairly, there are also new rules in the WBC Tournaments, so that every user can enjoy a fair and fun gaming experience. For more info about the update check the related new at BasketDudes News.

You can all enjoy the update and improvements by just entering the game.

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