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Loong launch delayed until January 19

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Set to launch on January 12th, gamigo has now announced that Loong’s launch will be delayed until January 19th.

Until the 19th, players will have their beta characters restored, with an additional 200% bonus experience and drop, plus continued bonus at the Dragon Market. When the game launches properly, the servers will be wiped again.

Gamigo also publishes Cultures Online and King of Kings 3.

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Launch Postponed

Dear Community,

despite having worked on the server and patch for the past twelve hours and the best effort of our entire team; it is now clear that we will not be able to deliver the expected fixes withing a reasonable delay for the players.

Instead of leaving the server closed for an undetermined period of time, and penalizing everyone, we have chosen to postpone our launch until the next maintenance time slot – which will be next Wednesday, January 19th.

We are now reinstating all characters, Ingots, and progress onto the server. You will find everything as you left it this morning, before the maintenance began.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Though nothing can make up for the situation, you will find the following bonuses in-game until we launch

  • 200% exp bonus
  • 200% drop rate bonus
  • Daily Free Talent Reset pill in the Dragon Market
  • The Dragon Market 50% bonus will continue until launch date
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