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League of Angels III Welcomes Poster-Child Athena

League of Angels III Athena news

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Yoozoo Games brings their latest Mythic Hero to League of Angels III – Athena. The poster-child of the franchise arrives as a Support Hero, but Divine Honor, Dignified Judgment, and Constellation Shield make her the strongest support hero in the game thus far.  The daughter of Asherah, sister of Johanna, and mother of Inanna, this powerful angel will be available in upcoming events.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated widely within League of Angels III and is also known as ‘Rebirth Day’; differing somewhat to real-life events, where a rebirth might be something more enthusiastic participants require the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Nonetheless, in-game, the holiday will see many angels donning their finest green costumes and holding huge feasts to celebrate. There will also be other holiday events to consider, such as the new ‘Seat of Fortune’ mount and ‘Wings of the Fae’, and even the ‘Song of Life’ outfit, available via Wheel of Fortune.

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