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Knights Fight (SEA) Launches

Knights Fight SEA Release

Tapfuns has announced that its popular game Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) is now launched in the SEA region:

Dear players, have you played Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) today? Do you notice anything different? Knights Fight (Kingdom Defender) is official released today! In this version, you can fight with different players through every week matches. This is a very appealing new gameplay! Promising you don’t want to miss it.

The old players must not be strangeness to Kingdom Defender, which is the test version for Knights Fight. During the time Kingdom Defender released, we received many ideas from our players. This time in our official version, there will be more appealing new gameplay reveal! More exciting matches is coming and of course with abundant rewards! Promising you don’t want to miss it.

Game Features include:

  • Storyline Gameplay — Did the old King sell out his kingdom to the Demons? What’s the prophecy of the High Priest? A lot of mystery and stimulating stories are waiting for you to discover…
  • Strategy-oriented TD — Hundreds of heroes and skills, different from the traditional TD game, you need to make wise choice, including heroes on battle and enemies to attack.
  • Rich Content — Corridor Leaderboard, Mirror Trial, Lost Palace, Guild, Arena and many more systems. To be an offender or defender it’s totally your call.
  • Recruit and Train Unique Troops — Different match of heroes will result in totally different outcome of the battle. Isn’t it wonderful?

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