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League of Angels III Gets Ready for Major Updates

League of Angels 3 September Updates

With the first anniversary in the rearview, it’s time for League of Angels III to look towards updates coming in¬†September. Players can look forward to Oktoberfest before long, and there will be, of course, Bavarian-themed shenanigans, including Bretzels (Beer Pretzels). Players will be able to collect Beer Pretzels, which can then be redeemed for greater rewards. In September,¬†League of Angels III will also release its 1000th server.

The 1000th server event will have players able to win an exclusive in-game title. There are also new Heroes on the way. Kalypso is on the way in September, so stay tuned. September will also have new items, such as a Quality-Artifact Relic, and a new type of gear: Charms. These will appear at some point in September, so as always, stay tuned.

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