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League of Angels II Update – Father’s Day Carnival/World Cup Event

League of Angels 2 - Fathers Day -image

A pair of events are on the way to League of Angels II, one for Father’s Day and one for the FIFA 2018 World Cup! For Father’s Day, there’s a new clothing set – Paws of Fury, coming this week. The male suit is based on the Eurasian Lynx, while the female suit is based more on the Persian Cat. It’s an artifact in two parts (Outfit and Wings), and collecting 1 part activates 1 skill and having both will activate both skills:

  • Lacerate: Deal 383% 14300 DMG split into 3 hits to the enemy’s front row, with each hit inflicting a “Lacerate” debuff on targets that reduces their DEF by 6% for 3 turns (this effect stacks up to 4 and ignores immunities).
  • Pounce: Deal 307% DMG to the enemy’s front row and inflict a “Lacerate” debuff that reduces their DEF by 6% for 3 turns (this effect stacks up to 4 and ignores immunities); also reduces targets’ Life Steal and natural regen by 10% for 1 turn; this skill replaces the hero’s basic attack.

┬áIn addition, The World Cup is fast approaching. League of Angels II has a special event which will take place during the FIFA World Cup 2018. Players can bet on the outcome of each World Cup match before the tournament starts. Correct outcomes will earn in-game prizes and the more correct bets the player accumulates, the greater the reward. The Father’s Day Carnival will go from June 15th-19th and more details are incoming for the World Cup event.

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