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Kitsu Saga open beta begins

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Aeria Games has announced the immediate start of Kitsu Saga’s open beta testing.

The beta test will offer unique prizes to closed beta players, and several events giving away free items and rewards to testers. The newest version of the game offers many localization fixes, plus a new newbie tutorial. Characters from open beta will carry on into the game’s official launch.

Aeria Games also publishes Grand Fantasia, Shaiya, Last Chaos, and Dynasty Warriors Online.

Kitsu Saga Open Beta Launch Screenshots:


itsu Saga Springs Into Open Beta

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – October 14, 2010 – The swirling mists surrounding Kitsu Saga have parted, and the mysterious Kitsu have finally emerged, inviting all gamers to meet them in Open Beta Testing (OBT). Kitsu Saga, the newest free-to-play MMORPG from Aeria Games, has reached the next milestone on its journey, and is now welcoming eager players from all over the world.

With OBT having begun, those dedicated players who participated in the recently concluded Closed Beta will be awarded with unique in-game prizes as thanks for their efforts to stop the Golden Dharma King. These treasures will help players to survive the rigors of training under their faction’s school and become full-fledged warriors, as they seek to defend their realms from evil. Along the way, they will be joined by the Kitsu, a tribe of helpful foxes descended from a holy nine-tailed spirit. Players will be able to bring the Kitsu’s magic into battle, as well as build relationships with them for powerful items and artifacts.

Kitsu Saga can now be freely downloaded and played at

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