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PlanetSide 2 Battle Islands – Dev Interview

PlanetSide 2 Battle Islands – Dev Interview

DizzyPW talks to Matt Higby, Creative Director for PlanetSide 2 at the MLG event in Anahiem over the weekend about the new battle islands coming to PlanetSide 2.

Battle Islands are designed to emulate the live game as closely as possible, but in a tighter space to encourage Outfit vs. Outfit competitive, close-quarters gameplay. Battle Islands will be integrated into the live game servers and will have a population cap. All gear, vehicles and features available in the open world of Auraxis will be available in the Battle Islands… just with fewer places to run or hide. Multiple win conditions will encourage both offensive and defensive tactics, so outfits will be challenged to come up with mixed-arms battle plans tailored for their opponents.

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