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Karos Returns Goes Live and Brings the Pain!

Karos Returns Goes Live and Brings the Pain! Post Header

Leading online game publisher Games Campus is proud to announce the official launch of Karos Returns! The long standing Hardcore, open world PvP focused MMORPG returns after a successful CBT at 11:00am PDT (GMT-8). Register your GamesCampus account and play today:
Player’s will power through an epic 65 level journey. Battling Friend and Foe alike in the hardcore open world PvP MMORPG! Increased level cap means players will experience new zones as well as large scale PvP and Guild vs Guild Battles like the Weekly Castle Siege, where players battle it out to control the Berneo Castle for access to special recipes, and levy taxes against their defeated opponents. Players will also be able to unlock Class Specific Super Skills, amazing skills that level up alongside your character and reach absurd levels of power! Karos Returns will also unlock a second Class Change which allows dozens of classes available to users, each Class with a unique focus and strength in both PvP and PvE!
“After a successful Closed Beta, We’re excited to be able to push through to launch so quickly.” Says Karos Returns Producer Elliott Coward. “Player feedback was fantastic, we’ll be making some small changes here and there, and of course adding all the awesome new features at launch!” Karos Returns launches April 3rd 11:00am PDT (GMT -8)

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