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Jade Dynasty Expansion Preview

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Perfect World Entertainment has released some new information for the yet-to-be-named expansion coming out for Jade Dynasty. This news come from an official blog post and covers a range of topics including the lore of the new update.

First the lore. Apparently the immortal Athan are not pleased with the humans so they’re sending two elite forces known as the Celan and Rayan to cause some havoc. There’s more to it than that, but we’ll leave it to you to learn more at your pleasure.

Now on to the important bits. This new expansion brings with it a Territory Wars PvP system! Alliances (guilds) will be able to battle it out for control of the various regions in Jade Dynasty. Control over these territories will yield vast resources, making them instantly valuable. Players will be able to wage war on land, sea, and air. Powerful summons, warships, and aerial forces must all be put to good use to conquer the world!

Finally, the new update brings with it improvements to the game’s basic dynamics such as smoother movement, better physics, and even destructible terrain. There’s a lot to like here, and it shows PWE’s continued commitment to the game.

Perfect World Entertainment is a major developer and publisher of free to play MMORPGs. Their portfolio includes Ether Saga Online, Battle of the Immortals and the upcoming games Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Forsaken World, and Kung Foo!

This  blog post also came with some game art which you can view below:

Full Release:

The time has come to uncover the secrets of the Jade Dynasty development team! This article will give you a glance at what is coming this year to the epic world of Jade Dynasty!

The ego of the human factions never ceases to amaze the Athan. Blinded by emotion, they are blind to the dark days lay ahead. The Immortals have seen what has become of the world since they first sent the mighty Athan to restore balance. The humans chant songs of victory, but little do they realize that the Arden and Balo were mere scouts for the battle that lies ahead…”

The Immortals are now sending support for the Arden and Balo, in their quest to purify the world. Let me introduce you to the Celan and Rayan!

The Celan: Known for their ability to manipulate foes while boosting their allies’ morale using the musical notes of the Immortals.

The Rayan: Known as the deadly assassins, they are feared even among their allies.

But why are the Athan sending these elite forces? Haven’t they seen enough bloodshed? Oh player, do you not understand? The Athan want to rule the world, not merely restore the balance.

Let me introduce you to Territory Wars!

Alliances will battle for control over the many lands of Jade Dynasty! Take control of various regions to gain valuable resources to help you on your quest for world domination. Keep your wits about you, for you’ll need great strategy to conquer and keep these lands from enemy alliances.

Now strengthen your alliance in preparation for the coming war. With the stakes this high, it takes only a single traitor to ruin all that you have accomplished.

Battle on land, in the air and on the sea! Summon ancient beasts to fight alongside your army. Hire powerful and exotic mercenaries to bolster your forces.

But what good is the ability to conquer the world without some upgrades? How about smoother movements, better physics and destructible environments?

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