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Face the Horde in the new Warlocks vs. Shadows update

Face the Horde in the new Warlocks vs. Shadows update news header

Warlocks vs. Shadows players can now challenge themselves in the new Horde mode.

Especially if you finished the story mode already, feel strong and almighty. That means you and your Warlock are prepared to take up the new challenge. Try to achieve the best score, climb up on the leaderboards and become the most awesome and fearsome Warlock in the entire universe! Once this achievement is unlocked, call up your friends, combine of your warlocks’ skills and together beat other teams scores in up to 4 players co-op. Now how long do you think you’ll be able to survive?


  • 5 new arenas with endless waves of shadow monsters.
  • Leaderboards for local and on-line scores.
  • On-line and off-line co-operation mode up to 4 players.

Despite the new gameplay mode devs yet again delivered a whole bunch of fixes and improvements so if you’re curious to learn them all dive into the list below:

  • The look of Spirit Lord’s ghosts after the 4th upgrade of his Ethernall Leap skill was changed.
  • The Xbox One controller plug in has been updated. Controllers should work properly now.
  • The portal on the last stage (boss room) of the Shadow World was fixed.
  • A bug with online multiplayer which caused players to desync (connected with Jake’s C) was fixed.
  • A bug with multiple slows stacking causing you to run backwards was fixed.
  • Reviving one more time was fixed.
  • The potions bug was fixed.
  • Levels displayed in character selection screen were added.
  • Statistics screen after every level you beat in the Story Mode (both in single and multiplayer) was added.
  • The difficulty in the 4th world – Frozen Lake (stronger enemies and more of them) was increased.
  • The thin ranged monster from Frozen Lake has silence on his projectiles now.
  • Giant Ice Scarab from Frozen Lake has slow on his attack now.
  • The difficulty in the 5th world – Shadow World (stronger enemies) has been increased.
  • The silence to Assassin from Shadow World and slow to the ranged monster were added.
  • The 3rd boss (more HP and new shooting pattern) was buffed.
  • 4th and 5th bosses’ HP was significantly increased.
  • Nerfed Jamal, Troll Warlord. His range of Axe Throw after the upgrade got significantly reduced and his cool-down on Avalanche got increased. Also his Bleeding effect on Axe Throw got nerfed along with Axe Throw’s cool-down.
  • The ability to bounce from enemies on Jamal’s upgraded Dodge was removed.
  • Nerfed Jake’s fireball’s range, reduced its cool-down after the upgrade from 1s to 0.8s.
  • Nerfed Lissy – increased the cool-down on Charge and on Overdrive, also reduced Overdrive’s duration (but increased the healing from it).
  • Buffed Raziel – increased his damage and damage bonus scaling on Sword Smash.
  • Iezabel’s minions HP, armor and damage were increased significantly.
  • Nerfed “of Ice” suffix from 80% slow to 65% on weapons and 70% on armors.
  • The volume of Shadow World’s music was increased.
  • Some platforms on stage 2-5 were fixed.
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