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Iris Online in second Closed Beta Test

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Iris Online, Gala-Net (gPotato)’s new MMORPG with a gypsy theme and a Tarot Card system, is now in its second phase of closed beta testing.

The test will continue until November 12th, and doesn’t require a key to enter. The test includes 20 maps, 2 new dungeons, 100s of quests, UI changes, bug fixes, and improved localization for players.

Gala-Net also publishes AIKA, Allods Online, Fly For Fun (Flyff), and Tales Runner.

Iris Online Closed Beta Screenshots:


Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net, Inc. is excited to announce that Iris Online, the loveable gypsy-themed MMO, has entered its second Closed Beta Test (CBT). Running from November 5th to November 12th, the CBT features never-before-seen content and features!

Iris’ second CBT allows players to explore over 20 maps, 2 new dungeons, and hundreds of quests! Additionally, we’ve listened to the extremely valuable feedback from players in Iris’ first CBT and implemented new UI changes, key bug fixes, and improved quests and skills. Thanks to all of the amazing dedicated players that have helped us make Iris more enjoyable than ever!

Best of all, users do not require a beta key to participate in this CBT, and can download the game client here!

Don’t miss out on experiencing this season’s most charmingly addictive MMO! We know that Everyone Loves Iris and you will too!

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