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Hazard Ops: Closed Beta Now Live

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Hazard Ops

The closed beta phase for Hazard Ops, the third-person shooter licensed by Infernum in Europe, is live. The first mercenaries, drafted by the highest authorities of the publisher themselves, are now able to take their chances, facing fearful odds. Applications to join them and start bashing zombie skulls or burn down mummies are still possible on the official website

The content available for this first phase will be focused on PvE missions, in which soldiers will need to cooperate to finish scenarios in different difficulty settings. And their mission is going to be extremely tough, having to deal with mutant explosive dogs biting their legs, armored zombies laughing at machine guns or meat-grinding traps which would reduce these heroes to the state of a meaty pancake. The new video should give them a rough idea of the horrible suffering they’ll have to go through.

The lucky few who got in from today on can already get a taste of what Hazard Ops player versus player is going to feel like by trying out the Team Deathmatch mode. More PvP content will be introduced in the next patch for the game, adequately nicknamed “Massacre”, which should go live in just a couple of weeks as part of this first test phase.

Mercs, shit just hit the fan, and you’re the happy campers who get to clean it. Play hard. Die hard.

Whoever wants to join the mercenary forces of Hazard Ops can still register for the closed beta phase on the official website Additionally, if they want to support the effort, they can get their hands on the exclusive founder packs.

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