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Gunship Battle: Total Warfare Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Gunship Battle 3rd Anniversary

Joycity’s Gunship Battle: Total Warfare, an award-winning military strategy game, has begun its third anniversary with the launch of the impressive Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier.

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s thrilling, 3rd Anniversary update delivers groundbreaking new content and game features with a massive extravaganza that introduces a host of events, rewards and an all-new mini game that is sure to be a blast for all players, new and veteran alike!

The 3rd Anniversary update kicks off with the introduction of the preeminent, larger-than-life in-game representation of the Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier. Modeled after its colossal real-world counterpart, the preeminent nautical war vessel is an absolute game changer! However, as many veteran strategy and competitive game players are understandably wary of the infamous “power-creep” associated with new unit promotion, the phenomenal floating fortress is here to help introduce the all-new Carrier Group feature!

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare players will now be able to strategize, organize and utilize the new Carrier Group feature to not only continue to utilize the Boats, Aircraft and Carriers they’ve worked so diligently to develop, but assemble a customizable combat fleet in a way that caters to their own play style. With several configurations to try out, each arrangement will inspire a variety of tactical warship, aircraft, and armored unit payload.

Gunship Battle

New units and features are just the first part of this massive, 3-year celebration! The 3rd Anniversary brings in the charmingly addictive Lucky Dice Event mini board game. The Lucky Dice game showcases a miniature, pop-up board game that rewards players for gathering Dice Fragments for doing what they do best… extinguishing the bad guys. And for every 10 fragments they collect, they get to roll the dice. Every space on the board awards prizes, (including boxes that can provide Legendary jets!) and every complete lap of the board awards gold!

In addition, the Gunship Battle: Total Warfare team has spent a great deal of time listening to the community and taking notes. That said, player-favorite events like the 3x’s Ship XP event and a significantly enhanced Jet Upgrade Plus event are now live.

Players will also be awarded for just coming to check out the festivities. The Accumulated GameTime event rewards players with awesome highly desirable resources, upgrade, and experience items, just for logging in and hanging out.

Combined with exclusive, 3rd Anniversary Nameplate and Portrait Skins, party hats and a perfect litany of other cool in-game surprises, crazy sales, and goody giveaways, on the actual day of the 3rd Anniversary, December 12th, a surprise gift will be delivered via in-game Mail for all who login!

In addition to these fantastic 3rd birthday updates, everything from new Features, UI and Quality of Life updates contribute to start to the 5th Season of the all-server, World War PvP event. What total, cross-server World at War should look like.

Whether you’re new to  the game, a veteran, casual or hardcore, Gunship Battle: Total Warfare’s 3rd Anniversary mega celebration has something everyone will enjoy.

With the successful kick-off of the GBTW YouTube and Twitter channels, providing patch updates, livestreams and more, keeping everybody in the know has become a whole lot easier to get their real-time game updates, links provided below!

So, login, hang out and celebrate the 3rd Anniversary with the Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. Absolute and Total War has never been so epic.

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