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Grand Chase: Rebirth, Two New Dungeons, Increased leveling, New Playable Character!

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Grand Chase: Rebirth, Two New Dungeons, Increased leveling, New Playable Character!

New Monsters, New Level Cap, New Strategies and Hammer-Wielding Hybrid Character “Lime” Now Available in Latest Rebirth Update

Irvine, Calif. – December 20, 2012 -– SG Interactive, a leading North American free-to-play MMO game publisher, announced the completion of the newest phase of Grand Chase: Rebirth’s epic transformation with a new level 85 experience cap, two new player dungeons and a new addition to the player roster, Lime. Available for play on December 20, Grand Chase: Rebirth has added new rewards, a new threat and new end-game battles that place emphasis on strategy and player tactics.

We’re happy to be able to offer out 17th playable character, Lime, hand-in-hand with the two new dungeons,” said Sunny Kim, producer of Grand Chase for SG Interactive. “Lime is another hybrid-style character that acts both as a support, but can still deal damage with heavy-hitting slow attacks.

In this unfolding drama, players venture into land of Zeruel, deep in the heart of Archimedia. Gamers are tasked with stemming the chaos and damage being caused by the evil forces of Dahlia and Lord Bardinar. Open to players level 78 and higher, solo gamers or groups of up to four can quest into two new dungeons as they race to help captured Queen Gilberta. Each dungeon features new stationary, harassment obstacles, new Dark Elven enemies and end-boss fights that require the group to protect, and most importantly, think as they fight. Chasers paying close attention may even find a secret short-cut that provides a distinct advantage.

With five new experience levels for players to grow into, Grand Chasers can make new choices on the skills and jobs, further customizing their play style and opening new and more-powerful attack combinations. With the introduction of Lime, gamers now have 17 playable characters to choose from. Designed from the popular physical and magical attack style, Lime and her Blessing Hammer brings a new knight for players to experiment with and battle.

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