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Granado Espada (EU): Armonia Episode 2 reveal end of August

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Granado Espada

EuroGamez GmbH announced today that Granado Espada Europe will reveal the Armonia Episode 2 end of August. Armonia Episode 2 will show up the new maps, missions, gears and new character ‘Lora Constance’. Together with this Episode 2, the big change of quest lines and PVP contents will be changed for better circumstance of playing.

Armonia Episode line will be continued till Episode 5 and this Episode 2 will include the big quest renewal too.

“We have updated contents so far with 3 months of term but we decided to update with just one month term from Korean original version from now on”. They changed the update speed and are trying to attract more people with newest contents and this Armonia Episode 2 update is the first one month term update.

Additionally many of worth events will be followed too and gamers can enjoy the newest contents and free event gifts.

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