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Goblins Galore! The Rise of the Goblins Now Available for Pathfinder Adventures

Pathfinder Adventures_ Rise of the Goblins - Main Image

Obsidian is proud to announce that the latest update for Pathfinder Adventures is now live! Called “The Rise of the Goblins”, players are put into the worn-down boots of Goblin characters, and get caught up in a world of mischief. This week only the update is 5.99 [8.99 after that], and the opportunity to play as the monsters instead of the shining heroes is certainly an interesting one for the Pathfinder Adventures title. It draws inspiration from the “We Be Goblins!” tabletop module, and for a change of pace, the players are all Goblins! Familiar Pathfinder faces will be seen in the update, and is available right now.

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