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Go Varsity In MicroVolts

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Rock Hippo Productions announced that MicroVolts has received its latest update, “Varsity Volts.”

The Varsity Volts update introduces the Micro Points Capsule Machine, which uses Micro Points to give players a chance at ultra rare weapons and parts. New Varsity clubs encourage players to join a team and wear “Polnud” tennis sets, “HomeTeam” Volleyball sets, or Knox’s soccer uniform or Biker Gear.

New weapons include the Red and Green Drawing Pencil and the Wells Fargo shotgun, in addition to varsity themed exclusives.

Rock Hippo Productions also publishes Brawl Busters.

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Gear Up For Back-To-School With New Weapons, Varsity Clubs And More

Markham, Canada – September 7, 2012 – Rock Hippo Productions Ltd. announced today the launch of its latest update – Varsity Volts – for the popular cartoon-style third-person shooter, MicroVolts. Just in time for back-to-school, this new update will have MicroVolters geared up for school, and the battlefield, with all new weapons, parts and more! Sign up now at

The Micro Points Capsule Machine is here! MicroVolts veterans are already familiar with the Rock Token Capsule Machine, but now all players can take a spin for a chance to win ultra rare weapons and parts using Micro Points that they’ve earned just by playing the game.

Stay on track this semester with brand new back-to-school gear and an A-grade worthy arsenal! With the latest Varsity Volts update, players will have their pick of Varsity clubs to join and sitting on the sidelines is not allowed! Join the ranks as the top tennis players in Naomi’s “Polnud” tennis parts or dig, spike and set your way around the battlefield in Pandora’s “HomeTeam” Volleyball apparel. Players can also climb the ranks of battlefield popularity as a top-notch soccer player in Knox’s soccer uniform! Players shouldn’t fret if organized sports aren’t their thing . they can create anarchy in Knox’s new Biker gear as part of the alternative clique!

A whole new arsenal of weapons has been added in game as well. Enemies will surely be schooled by the “Red” and “Green Drawing Pencil” melees as well as the new “Wells Fargo” shotgun! Players should be on the lookout for smash-worthy rackets, volleyball grenade launchers and so much more!

Furthermore, players should note that each week three different Capsule Machines are 50% off. Win exclusive weapons and parts with just half the Rock Tokens!

For all the latest event details or to view the latest screen shots, trailer and download the game for free, visit .

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