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Gloria Victis September Update Details

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As you probably are aware the Gloria Victis team has been busy laying the framework of game mechanics in the past few months since the Pre-Alpha launch. This month we have had some time to put some flesh on these bones that gives a hint of things to come. The world is more interactive than ever, the player can interact with nature such as picking mushrooms and harvesting crops but in our most recent update players are now able to interact with doors, gates and levers, a prelude for mechanics from castle traps to majestic siege machines.

We have also opened up a little more of the town we are working on and as you can see from the battlement and town gate screenshots things are really shaping up to be something amazing!

Player customization has also received its first overhaul and new options will be available to players to customize ultimately working towards a character creation process that will be able to make every character’s appearance unique. We have improved on Camera mechanics to further represent a player’s ability to see and mob information is now only displayed at closer distances.

The most important news for this month is that our new website which will contain indepth information about combat, crafting, nations and lore is almost complete and will be launched in the very near future, for now here are some teaser screenshots of the website.

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