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Gloria Victis: Headshot Detection Implemented

Gloria Victis: Headshot Detection Implemented news header

Another update greatly improving the combat mechanics and NPC enemies AI just hit Gloria Victis’ servers. Important changes have been done in blocking the arrows by NPC enemies – not only various issues related to it have been fixed, but also a precise shield hit detection have been implemented, so it’s possible now to hurt a blocking enemy with a well-aimed shoot in a knee. NPC enemies received the HP regeneration too. However, players are encouraged to try our new features – headshots and reviving the unconscious players!

There are also important changes in the territory control and building systems. Black Eye Games has implemented saving the statuses of flags and fortifications in database, so their upgrade will remain in the game’s world despite the servers restarts. There is also an overhaul of Original Faith Order’s keep – its size has been doubled with an addition of a massive stone donjon and an inner circle of walls!

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