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Games of Glory: Weapon details unveiled

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Games of Glory

French / Swedish indie studio, Lightbulb Crew, today unveils more details about the weapons gameplay mechanics available for the Clones in Games of Glory. The developer is revealing details on three weapons first, with more than 40 to be available at launch. Each weapon comes with its own specific gameplay and unique capacities that the player will have to combine correctly with the special skills of each Clone.

In the heat of battle, players can change their active weapon at any time in order to adapt their offensive strategy and turn the situation to their advantage. Switch to close combat if the Clone is out of ammunition, send a lethal shot with a sniper rifle after an escaping enemy, mark a player to reveal his location and then strike him with a grenade launcher from safe behind a wall.

These are examples of some of the situations and strategic opportunities that weapon management allows. The combination of the unique skills of a Clone, the weapon he chooses, and the team structure will give players the opportunity to develop and refine new strategies for each game. The controls are inspired by Hack’n’Slash as well as the free-aiming characteristic of shooters, and combine with the extreme mobility of the Clones to present new skills for players to master. More than 40 weapons will be available at launch.

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