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Vikings: War of Clans – Upgrade: Troop Sets

Vikings: War of Clans introduces troop sets in their latest update, along with achievements and more.

Patch notes:


  • Achievements: For certain actions, you now earn achievements that can be used as an honorific. When you upgrade an achievement, its bonuses increase.
  • Improved tutorial: When you start a new game, an introductory video is shown. You will receive an additional reward for completing the tutorial.

Added upon players’ requests:

  • VIP levels: The maximum number of VIP levels has been increased to 40. Now you can refresh the Task list multiple times and complete all Tasks instantly. Moreover, there will be bonuses that significantly improve various military and economic stats.
  • Troop Sets: In the window for forming a troop, you can use templates that you prepare in advance. You can save the type, tier, and number of warriors in a Troop Set.
  • Troop capacity: Tier VI melee capacity has been increased.
  • Rankings: There are more rankings now. You can find out the performance of Clans and Jarls, as well as your own. This stat is based on the number of top places taken and checkpoints passed in Competitions. You can also view Clan rankings by number of victories in the Clans Battles and by number of enemy warriors killed.


  • The Throne of Jotunheim window no longer closes automatically when the Reinforcements tab is being viewed during a successful attack on the Fortress.
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