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Galactic Civilizations III Builder’s Kit DLC Now Available

Galactic Civilizations III Builder’s Kit DLC Now Available

Stardock released new DLC for its popular strategy game, Galactic Civilizations III today. The new Builder’s Kit DLC contains dozens of new parts for custom ship designs, a new ship design style, and additional labeling options for player-created vessels.

“We have a huge amount of talent in our community,” said Galactic Civilizations III’s lead designer, Paul Boyer. “I have seen some absolutely incredible designs on Steam Workshop and we really wanted to give players an opportunity to explore even more options for customization. We’re looking forward to seeing what people are able to build with all of these extra parts.”

The DLC will contain dozens of new core parts in functional shapes such as disks, boxes, and more, as well as additional specialized parts in more unique shapes like cockpits and fins. Players will now also be able to add letters and numbers to their ships with the new labeling system. “We’ve seen some pretty creative ship names,” said Boyer. “And now designers can display them directly on the sides of their ships.”

An additional ship style called “raider” also comes with the DLC and allows you to outfit your custom factions with a new look. The style provides new designs for constructors, starbases, shipyard designs, and more.

The Builder’s Kit DLC is now available for purchase on Steam or through Stardock.

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