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FreeStyle adds Spider to roster

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FreeStyle Street Basketball has added a new character to its lineup for the LA Goldbugs: Spider. A new special male character, Spider is a forward character with all-around abilities.

The update, going live June 9th, will also resurrect the Gift System that was scrapped in beta in early 2009, allowing players to gift items to others. New summer events include a giveaway of a new character to all players who log in between June 23rd and July 6th, and ability stat increases for players who play anywhere from 15-50 minutes between June 9th and August 31st.

The Original Press Release:

Freestyle: Gift System returns after one year of absence along with more exciting Pandora Box!

Introducing the second special character of LA Goldbugs Team, ‘Spider’ and the opening of new Event System

Distribution is scheduled on June 4, 2010

Online Street Basketball game Freestyle, serviced by GameKiss, a global game portal, is scheduled for a major update on June 9th, where the update includes the second special character, ‘Spider’ presented by LA Glodbugs Team along with new 37 fashion items, yet most of all, a Gift System also returns after long-standing overwhelming demands by the users.

The most notable from this upcoming update is the resurrection of Gift System which users have long been yearning for. This system, which was purged during OBT launching in May 2009, has been garnering countless demands to restore from a great deal of users through forum, twitter and Facebook. Roman, GM of Freestyle, announced that the firm’s determined commitment to accommodate users’ needs led to the restoration of this function despite the difficulties to revive once-purged function.
At the same time, the number of compensation items and the odds of ‘Pandora Box,’ which was first sold on April 7th, are to be increased. Pandora Box has witnessed its explosive popularity from the users since its first introduction as it provides opportunities to purchase rare items as well as mandatory items at low price. As a token of sincere appreciation for users’ supports, the latest update is to increase the number of rare items that can be obtained through Pandora Box as well as the odds to acquire compensation.

Moreover, the second special character, ‘Spider’ presented by LA Goldbugs Team is to be introduced at the latest update as well. Spider is an all-round forward character which is fully capable of seamless 3-pointer as well as powerful low-post play, where it is expected to be the hottest news for the users who have long been waiting for a new special male character.

In addition to new contents, new event system is to draw quite an attention during the upcoming update. This newly added event system is consisted of ‘Summer Season Event’ and ‘FreeStyle New Character give away Event’, where Summer Season Event is to grant additional bonus ability based on game playing time while New Character give away Event is to offer a character with full set items and skills to all users who login during the event.

For more information upon the update and the events, please visit the official website of Freestyle at

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