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Forge of Empires Soon Launches Progressive Era

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InnoGames just announced the ninth era to dawn in its popular online game, Forge of Empires. Following the Industrial Era, the Progressive Era will take players further into the future and allow access to new buildings, units, quests and features. Progressive technologies and achievements, such as tar roads for automobiles, zeppelins and billboards will drastically change the vista of players’ towns. A completely new world map and campaign makes for grand scale conflict that involves several formidable foes. The Progressive Era will be coming to the international game version on July 24th, to France and Germany, among others, one week later, on July 30th.

Forge of Empires’ city-builders have to rethink current layouts entirely: With the rise of the automobile comes the two-way-road, and many new buildings need to be connected to them in order to function. Soon, many cars will roam all of the cities’ tar roads. Battle maps will also receive important additions – trenches, snipers and tanks add to the strategic component and make fights even more thrilling and challenging. On top of that, the Progressive Era will contain numerous bug fixes and minor improvements, more than 100 individual quests and of course, two new legendary buildings.

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