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Fly For Fun Launches New Server and Anniversary Events

FlyFF Second Anniversary SEA

Fly For Fun‘s Playpark is proud to announce a new server, “Lord Pang”. This coincides with the second year of FlyFF in Southeast Asia and will have plenty of new events. The “Lord Pang” server launches on September 25th and has a few specifications.

  • Separate Item Shop calibrated prices and No Eldin’s Jar
  • 3 lines awakes enabled (No S and R Cards)
  • Character Limit: 2nd Class Jobs and Level 120 is set for the launch
  • Volkane and Ultimate Dungeons closed for the launch

There are also plenty of awesome packages for players. Further information can be found here. The first anniversary is also being celebrated this month, with pop-up parties in select locations. There will be games, giveaways, deals, and so much more. Confirmed locations are Cebu (September 22), Manila (October 12), and GenSan (October 19). As far as in-game content, there will be plenty of contests, tournaments, and quests to partake in. Here’s a brief list of what players can expect.

  • Music Festival – Let’s make music by gathering notes from monsters and the collecting area. In return, you can ride the skies with a cool new Guitar hoverboard and look extra good with the heart sunglasses.
  • New Rock-Paper-Scissor – Try your LUCK and win some AWESOME PRIZE. Win at least 10 times to get the jackpot prize.
  • Guild War – FlyFF’s Philippine Championship and Guild Brawl might be over but the battle for greatness and prizes continues with the Guild War. Keep your battle skills sharp by joining this event once it goes live. 
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