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Faunasphere updates: new fauna & more

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Faunasphere updated its servers with new content yesterday. Included in the update is a new fauna, the Nibbler (a rabbit), a new area (the Duned Tract) and more fixes and tweaks to improve the game!

Update Notes:


  • Another mutation  has appeared  in the Fauna’s genome ! Be one of the first to discover this new Fauna and you will be rewarded for your efforts.
  • The gate to the Duned Tract  has opened!
  • We now display the Fauna’s level and provide an informative tooltip  for both the Fauna portrait and Fauna in the Fauna switching  interface .
  • There is now a progress meter for hatching eggs.  The amount of time it takes to hatch the egg has also been reduced.
  • Your total Lux is now displayed while editing  your Faunasphere.
  • Eggs in the Marketplace can now be filtered by species of the parent.
  • Alert dialogs introduced in our last update that appeared when you clicked on items that your Fauna doesn’t have the ability to harvest will only be displayed 5 times total now.
  • A new, faster interface for creating multiple objects for Goals, such as Skeletons and Coldproof Gene  Food  is now in game.
  • The Gene Food and Fauna Sign for the Grazer are now available for purchase!

Bug Fixes!

  • The sound issues have been addressed!
  • The Opulent Quarry goal “Help an Unhappy Wiggler” is now accessible to all players.
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