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EverQuest II: Extended (Free to Play) Released

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The free to play version of EverQuest II dubbed “EverQuest II: Extended” officially released. The game’s servers are online and players can begin playing it immediately. The entire game client is some 12.5GB in size, but the game downloads as you play, so you can begin playing EverQuest II almost immediately. Make sure to check out the EverQuest II review here n MMOHuts.

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As mentioned earlier, the free to play version of EverQuest II does have its restrictions. Most notably, the restrictions on playable classes, races and skill ranks. It’s worth mentioning though that this is the real deal. Even with its restrictions, it’s fair to say that EverQuest II has gone free to play, as free users can access the entire game and all of its expansions, except the most recent one.

Sony Online Entertainment also publishes Free Realms, Star Wars Galaxies, EverQuest, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Clone Wars Adventures and numerous other MMORPGs.

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