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Ether Saga Online Player Designed Mount Added

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Perfect World International recently ran an interesting contest for their anime styled MMORPG Ether Saga Online. Players were asked to design their own mounts and send in the art work for consideration. The winner, Monaka, submitted a design called Nocturne which can best be described as ‘My Little Pony from Hell.’

The Chinese developers have made her work a reality and now all players can enjoy riding this new mount. It is always exciting to see developers and publishers interacting with the community like this. Besides Perfect World and Ether Saga Online, the Chinese company Perfect World is also behind Jade Dynasty and upcoming MMORPGs Kung Foo! and Battle of the Immortals.

Official Blog Post:

Some dreams can come true and for Ether Saga Online player, Monaka, her fiery mount from Hell, otherwise known as Nocturne, came to life in-game when she recently submitted for the “Design a Mount” contest. Monaka’s fan art of Nocturne was submitted to the design wizards in China, who through alchemy and the power of the Internets, brought it to life in-game. The mount was renamed to the Dark Noturno.

The mount was submitted by Monaka, but she had help with the coloring, from fellow Slayers member, Villette. Her alliance also helped provide constant feedback throughout the process. Nothing beats a good team effort!

Congrats to Monaka and Villette on winning the “Design a Mount” contest.

The Dark Notturno mount is now available for purchase in Ether Saga Online and be sure to keep your eyes out for upcoming contests like this one for your chance to bring your fan art to life!

We managed to speak to Monaka regarding the mount being added to the game. After a long tiring day at work, Monaka got home and was THRILLED about the mount being in game. Although we told her it was coming soon, we never told her the exact date.

Rushing into the game after hearing about the release, she saw was ecstatic couple people in Pokari with the mount that she helped create.

Here is a brief interview with her regarding the mount that she designed:

Loonie: What did she think when you first saw the mount?
Monaka: It looks lovely. The devs did a nice job. I think it was closely designed to what I imagined.
Loonie: How does it feel that the mount is in the game now?
Monaka: I’m thrilled, because as an artist, this is the first time to see something of mine anywhere in game or in art form for something.
Loonie: Have you been bombarded with messages about the mount you designed?
Monaka: Well no not yet, just a lot of congrats over alliance vent and from my clan. Even on our ventrillo several people were supportive and said grats. Actually just got a PM right now saying “nice mount”
Loonie: For winning the contest, you will receive a mount, what is the first thing you will do when you get it?
Monaka: Well I think i’ll run around on it like crazy and get others to join in and then add it to my art site.
Loonie: Any comments, shoutouts?
Monaka: Wanted to thank Villette most of all, who helped with the coloring of the mount, and also members of our alliance, Slayers. They provided thoughts and suggestions throughout the process. Suggesting things that they liked or didn’t like. Because as an artist I’m always looking for feedback. Because it is something I don’t just want for myself, but for others. And it turned out they wanted something not so bright and cute.
Loonie: We are working on a Design a Fashion Contest, do you plan to enter that as well?
Monaka: Depends on the time I have right now, but I will try, as I do have some ideas for that too.
Loonie: Thank you for your time Monaka, and we all think the mount looks awesome!

We will try to find Villette to ask her about her thoughts on the mount being in game!

While we weren’t able to get a interview with Villette yet, we were able to get some videos made from her of her coloring the mount. If you are interested in the dedication that was put into this mount, check out the videos here.

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