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Era of Celestials Introduces New Marriage System

Era of Celestials - Marriage

The latest update to Era of Celestials brings with it a new Marriage System. With it players can marry other players (or NPCs) regardless of gender/roles. This will give that player access to special benefits, as well as access to new instances and skills. You can only be married to one player at a time, but they also implemented a divorce system if you decide you’re unhappy. Players must acquire a proposal token, and offer it to the potential partner. If successful, they can reserve a date for the wedding, then they can send invitations to their closest friends. Delicious food spawns on the tables that can also be collected for rewards.

Once married, couples will be able to adventure together to the Love Instance and Wedding Ring instance and acquire new skills to aid them on their adventures. They will also be more powerful in combat together and will acquire buffs to aid them in battle. However, if players are not feeling the love anymore, they can also apply for a divorce. Divorcing is not easy and will result in the couple losing the buffs and skills that came with their marriage.

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