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Crossout Receives ‘Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ Update and Custom Battle Creation

Crossout Four Horsemen Update

Update 0.10.30 of Crossout is called “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and with it comes the power to create custom battles. Players can make their own battles with individual rulesets and invite their friends to play and/or observe. “Custom Battle” is a great way to train for Clan Battles, which have also received a recent overhaul. Clan Battles give more of the valuable resource “Uranium Ore”, which is required for Relics (Crossout’s most powerful weapons). Clan Battles now also have six different leagues, Basic to Diamond. With the doubling of Uranium Ore from these, there are also six different relic weapons to craft. new ones such as the “Punisher” machine gun and cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” are included in this.

The “Custom Battle” mode allows players to create individual PvP and PvE battles on varying game modes and maps. This allows Crossout players to create, among other scenarios:

  • Multiplayer Test Drives: You can now test your invention with the help of your friends, trying various combat scenarios without any time pressure.
  • Trialing PvE vehicles: Since heading for PvE raids requires gasoline, you can make sure your vehicles are fit for the task by trying PvE scenarios in Custom Battle first.
  • Map study: A good map knowledge is helpful in PvP and PvE battles. Now, you can take your time checking out all corners of Crossout’s maps and find new vantage points or ways to attack the enemy.
  • Team practice: You can now train effectively for Clan Battles and work on teamwork and coordination with your clanmates in combat.
  • Individual Events: Custom Battle allows for individual rules to be set, so be invited to be creative! PvP battles only on two-wheeled vehicles? A PvE mission with only chainsaws allowed as weapons? Go for it!
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