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Earth Eternal Revamps Character Models in Latest Patch

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The browser based MMORPG Earth Eternal released a major patch on July 7, 2010 that, among other things, improves many of the game’s character models. Athletic boyd types will appear more muscular and fat characters will have a larger belly to boast of. For a clearer idea of the changes, just take a look at the screenshots below.

Updated character models weren’t the only significant change. Super Critical Hits now give players a chance to deal not just double, but quadruple damage! Additionally, ‘Misses’ have been removed and replaced with ‘Light Hits’ which should speed up gameplay.

The full patch notes for patch 0.8.8 are provided below so be sure to take a look. Earth Eternal is one of the few full-feature browser based MMORPGs. It has a huge game world, 3D graphics, W,A,S,D controls, and its all free to play!

Full Release:

Major Features:

Revamped Character Models: All playable character models and many NPC models have been revamped. Athletic body types will be much more muscular and defined, while Rotund characters will finally have a belly they can be truly proud of. In addition to the new character models, all character models now blink their eyes from time to time. For more details click here!

Armor Sets: We’ve added and redistributed several armor sets throughout the game and at various levels. Pieces from these sets are available in both a Melee and Caster version and characters who mix and match their skill sets can also mix and match the armor pieces while still wearing a uniformed set of armor. For more details click here!

Insta-Travel: You can now instantly teleport to somebody in your friends list or somebody in your group. Right-clicking on a player name either in your party window or your friends list and selecting teleport will instantly teleport you to that player. This ability cannot be used if the player being teleported to is in an instance or dungeon. You must wait 15 minutes after teleporting before you can teleport again.


Updated Control Scheme: Several hotkeys have been re-binded to different default keys. Check out this post for a full list of the changes as well as information on Auto-facing and Auto-Attack changes!

  • – Added auto-facing option to options menu, this feature is turned “on” by default.
  • – Auto-attack by default is no longer an on/off toggle. When you enter combat you will continue to auto-attack until you either slay your opponent or you untarget them. This option can be turned on/off in the options menu under the “Combat” tab.
  • – Added several new world drops to creature loot tables.
  • – Loads of load screen tips have been added. Get it… LOADS of load screen tips? Eh? Eh?
  • – Adjusted stats on several pieces of gear to offer greater variety.
  • – Rebalanced stats on world weapon drops to provide a greater variety of items.
  • – Aggro monsters now appear as red dots on the mini-map, neutral monsters as yellow dots, and friendly NPC’s are marked as a green dot.
  • – You can now invite players to a party with the command /invite player name or by clicking their name in chat.
  • – Increased experience points rewarded from quests.
  • – Increased experience points rewarded from heroic and epic monsters.
  • – Party experience is no longer split between party members, you now earn the full amount of experience when in a party.
  • – Level modifiers on to hit chance have been removed from PVP.
  • – Items with two or more stat bonuses now provide larger bonuses.
  • – Re-ordered several options on the pop-up menu when you right-click on a player to place more commonly used options at top.
  • – Removed some unnecessary options in the Main Menu as well as reordered menu options to place more commonly used options at top.
  • – Added lots of new Vault Keepers throughout the game world. Banking has never been this easy!
  • – “Walk in Shadows” and “Exodus” are no longer channeled abilities. They are now cast abilities.
  • – All player buffs can now be used in combat.
  • – All portal spells have had casting time reduced to 10 seconds.
  • – Your coins are now displayed in your backpack inventory screen.
  • – The escape key is now context sensitive. When a window is open, escape will close it. When you have a target selected, it removes your target.
  • – Increased chances of players and enemies getting a critical hit.
  • – Implemented Super Critical Hits, Super Critical hits deal quadruple damage compared to double damage from normal critical hits.
  • – Misses have been removed from the game, they have been replaced with Light Hits, hits that deal less damage than usual.
  • – Execute abilities will now always hit for at least normal damage, with a chance to critical.
  • – Spell Failure has been removed from the game and replaced with Light Hits.
  • – Removed the ability to add Earth Sage (GM) or Developer characters to your friends list.
  • – Rolsburg Mine has been retooled to offer a greater challenge for high level players, the dungeon is now a level 49-50 dungeon.
  • – Receiving a message from a player no longer creates a new tab in chat.
  • – You can now message a player by typing /tell <player name=””> for example, if you wanted to send a message to the character Edward Cullen you would type /tell Edward Cullen hello. You no longer need the quotation marks around the character name.</player>
  • – Increased the distance in which you can run away from a vendor before the vendor window closes.
  • – Double Left-clicking a target will now function the same as right-clicking a target.
  • – You can now use Shift+Right-click or Shift+Double-click to automatically loot a corpse.
  • – Cleaned up the Friends List and Ignore List User Interface to make it easier to read.
  • – Killing an opponent will now deselect that target.
  • – Tab should now move between fields during character creation.
  • – Quest rewards now use a highlight in addition to a checkbox when selecting which one you want.
  • – Removed monster corpses from mini-map.
  • – Weapon molds can now be bought back if accidently sold.
  • – NPC’s now rotate to face a player when interacted with.
  • – Reduced casting times for several spells and abilities with long casts.
  • – Adjusted animation when strafing.
  • – Zone maps now have icons for henges.
  • – Ranged auto-attacks now play sound effects.

Bug Fixes:

  • – Fixed issues and implemented improvements with the action bar that should make it more responsive.
  • – Fixed the low-detail terrain in the Hall of Bones so that it is no longer pure white.
  • – Fixed an issue where a mob in the Raiders Camp would not lose hit points when attacked.
  • – Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent players from flagging for PVP when entering arenas.
  • – The New Badari Weapon and Armorsmiths should be much friendlier and willing to sell to you now.
  • – Windwail, the Dustshore Phoenix Boss, now is comparatively strong to other bosses his level.
  • – Fixed some spelling errers.
  • – Removed monster corpses from mini-map.
  • – Fixed a guard that was randomly spawning inside of a bridge in Camelot.
  • – Goliath Ruins boss should no longer spawn inside objects.
  • – Hammer animations now loop correctly. So stop, it’s Hammer time.
  • – Fixed an issue where Sylvans would appear as a Dryad on the character select screen.
  • – Inferno ability now does proper damage.
  • – Fixed several inconsistencies with the word filter.
  • – Changed the pathing of some monsters in Bremen Asylum to prevent rapid elevation changes.
  • – Revamped Item UI and mouseover tool tips to reflect changes in the item system.
  • – Key bindings now say “Rotate Left/Right” instead of “Move”.
  • – Falling damage now correctly plays a sound effect.
  • – Fixed an issue where party members would not show up in your party window.
  • – Fixed an issue during installation that would cause the installer to shut down.
  • – Click-to-interact should no longer cause you to run inside of catapults in Bastion and Corsica that you are interacting with.
  • – Auto-move to loot should now work correctly on large creatures.
  • – Players should stick to terrain much better when going downhill or upstairs.
  • – Sanctuary in Earthend Warcamp now works properely.
  • – Added error sound when you attempt to use an ability that you cannot use.
  • – Fixed an issue where some particle effects would get stuck in a loop.
  • – Fixed quest marker for Vespin Honey Mead quest.
  • – Rhiannon Wynkyn should no longer spawn under the game world.
  • – Fixed the “Alimat” quest. You should now be able to turn it in.
  • – Addressed a few issues with discount offers showing up at incorrect times.
  • – Queen Frelon should now spawn correctly in Vespin Lair.
  • – Dander Onetooth no longer spawns underneath a building.
  • – Fixed an issue with progress bar freezing during “The Locked Door” quest.
  • – Emerald Eggs should no longer spawn in and around Camelot.
  • – Dark Knight Armor Set is now correctly set to bind on pick up.
  • – Greenhorn backpack can no longer be sold to merchants.
  • – Fixed an issue with “Healing Tendril” animation getting stuck.
  • – Added quest markers for quests in “The Down Below”.
  • – Several spells and abilities have received explosive new spell animations and effects.
  • – Fixed an issue with some emotes that would cause your characters tail to flip upside down.
  • – Fixed collision on several houses, players should no longer be able to enter solid houses.
  • – Ironbirch pond now has proper collision detection.
  • – Fixed effects on Glacial Armor shoulder piece.
  • – Haunted Grove ambient sound and chatter has been fixed.
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