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E3 2015 Day 3 Recap PT 2 – Supernova, Bandai, Siegefall, and Relics of Gods!


Relics of Gods

On Wednesday at E3 we sat down with Seasun Games’ Senior Product Manager, Michael Powers, to take a look at their upcoming 3D Mobile MOBA game: Relics of Gods.

Relics of Gods Logo

Relics of Gods features over 50 heroes from 15 different races with classic fantasy character archetypes alongside elemental damage mechanics. The primary game mode focuses on 3v3 turn-based combat each character standing at one of six points in an arena, but can be played solo or with a partial lobby with AIs taking the reigns of the absent players.

After looking over the game with Michael Powers it was apparent that Relics of Gods is taking the MOBA genre quite literally. Unlike other MOBA games with real-time movement with tower and base destruction, Relics of Gods focuses on overall game strategy with turn orders, character picks, and focused attacks on single targets.

While the game itself is being developed in China, its music and art is actually being made in America. Michael Powers informed us that Jeremy Soule – the composer for the last three Elder Scrolls games – is leading their music and audio efforts. The game is also built on Epic Games’ Unreal 3 engine, and looks pretty sharp with nice particle effects and detailed character models.

We’re thinking that Relics of Gods could turn out a lot like competitive online TCGs, and even Pokémon, given their current trend towards on team-based mechanics and sustained competitive nature. Keep an eye out for it once it launches on iOS, Android, PC and Mac this summer.

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