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E3 2013 Wednesday MMO Recap

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E3 2013 Wednesday MMO Recap

E3 is chaos. Between the South and West hall being a good 10 minute walk apart, countless hidden meeting rooms and escalators rivaling the confusion of Hogwarts, it’s almost expected to see people showing up late or not at all for meetings. So went Wednesday for us as I was delayed posting our Monday and Tuesday recap and had to send James and Garrett to meet up with Square for our look at Final Fantasy XIV. And they didn’t even get in! No worries we still got the coverage but that’s a little later in the tale of the hectic final two days of E3!

Table of Contents

Pearl Abyss – Black Desert

Sony Online Entertainment – Dragon’s Prophet

8 Bit Studio – Skara: The Blade Remains

Kill3rCombo – Elsword

Trion Worlds – ArcheAge

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