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E3 2013 Monday and Tuesday MMO Recap

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Infinite Crisis E32013 Booth


Following Snail Games, we had a brief meeting with Turbine’s Adam Mersky, Director of Digital Communications, to learn more about the newly revealed map in Infinite Crisis. Although the interview was mostly just a recap of what’s been revealed so far, they had a nice presentation of some professional e-Sports MOBA masters on stage showcasing the gameplay and it’s beautiful to watch.


Each hero for the most part has kits that seem well put together while thematically staying within character for what you’d expect each hero to do. In the end it should greatly lower the typical steep learning curve associated with mastering a new MOBA and make the game more accessible to super hero junkies that want a new take on the genre. Be sure to catch JamesBl0nde’s upcoming interview to learn further details on the cash shop system and live service plans for the game.

Infinite Crisis Action Figures

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