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Durango: Wild Lands Opens Pre-Registration

Durango Wild Lands Preregister

Nexon Korea and What! Studio is proud to announce that pre-registration has begun for Durango: Wild Lands, in preparation of its launch later this year.  Anyone who registers through Google Play or the Durango Website will receive exclusive rewards and items to help them through this vast, unforgiving land. Durango: Wild Lands is a wide world filled with great prehistoric beasts, and is ripe for exploration. This alternate universe has humans living alongside dinosaurs. Players must band together and form a society, explore, and chart this harsh land. Durango: Wild Lands features a persistently-evolving open world where freedom of choice grants players the power to control their own destinies. Crafting, cooking, farming, sewing, gathering and taming wild dinosaurs are just several of the skills players will need to master to establish a thriving civilization in the midst of the hostile wild.

Pre-Registration Rewards:

  • Collectible Items – An exclusive package of useful in-game items, including the Broomstick, Paper Box, Doggy Mask, Dino Mask, Warp-Box, Health, Striped Compsognathus and more.

  • Rare Gems – Android players who pre-register through Google Play will receive 300 Warp Gems.

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