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Dungeons and Dragons Festivult in July Events

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Dungeons and Dragons is celebrating its winder Festivult holiday in July! Winter events in July! Turbine will be hosting numerous in game events throughout the Festivult holiday which will last throughout most of July. Expect parts of Stormreach to become winter themed!

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From the Original Release:

The Festivult Jester has a cool task for you: earn Festivult coins from treasure chests and turn them in to the Jester for special rewards.

The Risia Ice Games are in town and ready to freeze your blood with excitement if you’re brave enough to try your luck and test your skill.

The DDO Store is stocking up with what you need to survive: hot cocoa, ice skates, and all the gear to get you heated up for Winter Bonus Days, when you’ll get a cool 20 percent bonus on all XP for ten days!

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