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Action MMO MU Classic Launches Today, Special Events Revealed

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Mu Classic

NGames, a leading online games publisher, is thrilled to announce that MU Classic – the anticipated rebirth of classic MMO ‘MU Online’ – is launching today, November 18th, 2014, on the portal.

MU Classic combines next-generation browser-based technology with the classic old school gameplay of MU Online. The free-to-play action-MMO is fully updated for the modern era, sporting beautiful 3D graphics, stunning skill effects and new maps to explore.

The timeless adventures of the MU Continent are ready to be experienced again, with updated visuals and sound design to bring the blood-curdling Lorencia, snowy Devias and magical Atlans to life. Seek the Red Dragon Sets of the crimson swordsmen, release Hellfire in Atlans, tackle the Lost Tower with friends…nostalgic ‘MU Online’ fans are invited to revisit glories past while carving a whole new adventure on the MU Continent from today.

Exclusive Launch Events

To celebrate the launch, publisher NGames has announced a host of special events and rewards for early MU Classic adopters – including Double XP for the first three days after the server goes live.

Early warriors have the unique opportunity to strike fear into other players by becoming the first winner of the PK Lord Tournament, earning the victor the intimidating PK Lord title and a special Enhancement and Wings pack.

After completing the level 3 main quest, players will unlock a special Return Pack featuring a huge XP boost and a new equipment sets to make further levelling a breeze. Players will frequently receive items and reward packs for levelling and evolving characters in MU Classic, earning new goodies all the way up to level 120.

NGames hasn’t forgotten about your pets either. Enhancing animal friends through synthesis will guarantee additional gift sets at certain ranks, with rare ‘pet pieces’ on offer for raising Hawks, Faerie Dragons, the powerful Pegasus, and the incredible Fire Phoenix.

Want some extra team-based competition? Players can get their hands on Awesome Wing sets for leading their guilds to victory in a Castle Siege. The classic competition is back and as fierce as ever, and guilds from all factions can join for free. The winners of the Castle Siege will also unlock access to the Land of Trials, where more prizes lie in wait.

NGames is serving a feast of rewards to players topping up their account with diamonds too, from a ‘First Top Up’ pack featuring a Panda-inspired treat, to daily goodies, equipment sets, Royal Gems and more.

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