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Dragon’s Prophet (EU): “Shadow of Betrayal” Expansion Now Live

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Today, the fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet by Runes of Magic‘s developer Runewaker receives an extensive content update. “Shadow of Betrayal” brings the brand-new region of Sitheran to Auratia’s game world – and with it, new dangers, opponents and adventures.

The name Sitheran stems from the Draconic word for “Entrance to Evil”, and never before has an Auratian region had a more fitting denotation. Here stands the counterpart to Thadrea’s Dimension Gate – the only intact access to the continent of Jagnoth, the Land of the Dead, where Kronos the Devourer is breeding his sinister armies.

Besides new and dangerous places like the toxic waters of Tainted Lagoon, Greenshroud Wood, Racmon Grotto and the Black Tower, many new and overhauled species await players in Sitheran – and most of them are not very friendly.

Only the best and bravest adventurers will survive in this unhospitable environment full of Shax and Blood Devils: They can not only expect two new Adventure Dungeons, one Raid Dungeon with challenging boss fights and numerous thrilling quests, but also new tameable dragons and brand-new armour items.

Sitheran is now open for all players starting from level 102 and offers the possibility to reach the new level cap of 105.

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