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Riders of Icarus – Exarahn Badlands Announced

Today, Nexon has announced a new content update coming soon to Riders of Icarus that will introduce the Exarahn Badlands, a new PvP mode, along with Guild Alliance Battles.

Scheduled to arrive later in August, the PvP update will introduce the Exarahn Badlands and Guild Alliance War. Players entering the Exarahn Badlands will go back in time 1,000 years through a dimensional rift. This area is always in night, lit by a crimson moon. Only players level 28 or higher can enter this chaotic area, where all other Riders (except those in party, alliance, or guild) will be considered hostile.

The Exarahn Badlands also includes new quests, plus new familiars to tame, including the long desired flying Nightmare and the Profane Apocalypse. These mounts will appear in random locations in the Badlands, so players will need to always be aware of their surroundings for enemies and familiars alike.

Guild Alliances will also be a part of the update, allowing guilds rank 3 or higher to join together, share information through chat, and be considered peaceful in the Badlands. The leader of the Alliance can also declare an Alliance War, which allows these alliances to battle each other in the Exarahn Badlands and Parna’s Coast. Lower level Riders will be safe in regions before Parna’s Coast, as they will disallow PvP including Alliance Wars. Alliance Wars will continue until one Alliance reaches 200 kills, when they will be declared the victor and can collect special rewards (not yet finalized by the development team). Players who are not eligible for Alliances can register for a Militia, which will work similar to a guild alliance.

The update will also introduce the Manastone Battles, a weekly battle that takes place in the Exarahn Badlands. The battle will work similar to a capture the flag, in which players must capture manastones by returning them to town. Carriers will be displayed to all players in the Badlands in real time, making them easy to find and attempt to intercept. The first Alliance that returns the Manastone successfully to the Vantara Manastone Oracle will win the battle, earning special rewards including exclusive familiars.

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