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Dragona now in open beta

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Dragona has announced that it is now in its open beta testing.

As of December 22, players can join freely in Dragona to test and play the game. There will be no further character wipes between open beta and launch, so players can get a head start on the action now.

The update that comes with open beta also offers a helpful supply kit for new characters, improves the game’s translation, and makes several adjustments to improve gameplay.

Dragona is published by GameClub.

Dragona Gameplay Screenshot


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The Goddess Huanis has spoken and spread the word all over the continent that the OBT will be launching this December 22, 2011 14:00 PST Officially. From the Opening of the OBT She had declared there will be no characters wipe out further on. All travelers are invited to participate in the opening of the continent. The Goddess awaits for your arrival. Spread the word and let the message be known all over the world!

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