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Dragon Saga releases final Paris Strikes Back update

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The final chapter update for Dragon Saga (previously Dragonica Online) goes live tonight, adding a host of new content.

The update will raise the level cap to 70, and add the new Emporai Guild Tournament as well as an arena. A new MyHome system lets players create and decorate their own personal area that friends can visit. Finally, a new wedding system complete with couple quests has been added. Previous updates added new classes, dungeons, costumes, and mission maps.

Dragon Saga is published by Gravity Interactive, in addition to Requiem, ROSE Online, and Ragnarok Online. Gravity Interactive now also hosts CrimeCraft.

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³Paris Strikes Back² Final Chapter Update Available Today!

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (December 16, 2010) ­ The world of Dragons will not
be the same as action/fantasy MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online
Role-Playing Game), DRAGON SAGA, releases the final chapter-update for
³Paris Strikes Back² today at 7:00 pm PST!  More information can be found at <>

In earlier updates for ³Paris Strikes Back², players were provided
additional new classes, dungeon adventures, costume upgrades and the new
Defense Mode mission maps.

The latest update for the ³Paris Strikes Back² chapter provides players with
a plethora of additional new game options to choose from, including:

·      Level 70 Cap (Previously 65)
o     New higher level cap so characters can become stronger and obtain new
skills, items, and additional quests
·      PVP (Player vs. Player)
o     Battle other players and monsters in the arena or experience the
Emporia (Guild Tournament) to earn EXP (experience), be ranked among other
players and earn bragging rights of being the best guild on the server
·      MyHome
o     Players will be able to create an area of their own and purchase
custom furniture and decorations from the item mall to hold special social
gatherings with their online friends and receive special buffs
·      Wedding System
o     Players can ³tie the knot² with their online sweetheart by having
their own wedding ceremony and experience special couple quests and more

³We have been working hard to improve the quality of the game as well as
updating the game contents ever since we acquired the game from THQ*ICE,²
states Jay Choi, Vice President of Gravity Interactive, ³This highly
anticipated update [Paris Strikes Back] will help to close the gap between
our version and other versions of Dragon Saga serviced outside of USA. We
will continue working hard to improve service and foster the Dragon Saga
community so that users can have the best gaming experience possible. We are
hopeful that Dragon Saga will be one of our best titles for year 2011.²

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