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Destiny Online announces “Glory of the Tribe” expansion

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Destiny Online will be releasing its third expansion, Glory of the Tribe, in mid April.

The expansion will raise the level cap to 145, adding 5 new levels of exploration and gearing up for players. A new Super Pet, Kirin, will be added, as will a Flying Carpet mount, two new world bosses, and new costumes.

The biggest update to Destiny Online will be a massive improvement to the Tribal War system. Tribal Alliances will now be able to be formed, PvE and PvP will be more closely interlinked, and rewards will be expanded and improved for every participating player.

The Announcement:

We are glad to announce that we are going to release “Glory of the Tribe”, the 3rd expansion pack of Destiny Online, in mid April. The long-awaited new Tribal War will be highlight of the expansion, along with the raising of the level cap, the indispensable new Super Pets and avatar items. Reach ever-higher heights, become stronger for the glory of your Tribe!

Escalated Tribal War

Crucial changes are made to bring the Tribal War to a whole new level, making it probably one of the fiercest and the most intense guild wars in all MMORPGs as of now. The Tribal War has been improved in the following ways:

l  Introducing the idea of Tribal Alliance

l  Extending the participating sides from the previous 2 to Defender, Defender’s Alliance and the Attackers

l  Closely combining PvE with PvP

l  Picking the winner by the amount of damage inflicted

l  Amply rewarding every participant

l  Increasing the usage of Honor Points

l  Live broadcasting the real-time progress of Tribal War in the whole server

l  Adjusting the time window of Tribal War to more universal time slots

l  Limiting the maximum tenure of the Sunset Hegemon

For more details, please visit here.

Level Cap Raised to 145

The expansion ack will raise the level cap to 145 from the previous 140, opening up a new round of competition for high level gamers. The corresponding new equipment and weapons for every class is on the way as well.

New Super Pet

From the very first day Destiny Online was released, these adorable pets, especially Super Pets, always held the spotlight in every update and expansion pack and this one, Kirin, will make no exception. With its glowing appearance and extraordinary abilities, it is bound to be the object of affection for every pet lover.

For more details, please visit here.

New World Bosses

With level cap raised to 145, two more ferocious World Boss monsters will be introduced to the game bringing greater challenges to the versatile high level gamers.

One is named “Grim Gargoyle”, a grotesque winged monstrous humanoid creature, with a horned head and a stony hide, grasping a hulking war hammer in its claw; the other, Darkhound, is the dark version of the Level 75 World Boss “Hellhound”, whose wraith, Envy, greed etc. got released after its death and took a physical form.

For more details about Darkhound and Grim Gargoyle, please visit here.

New Mount

Elephants, foxes, turtles etc., all the conventional mounts are already outdated. We will give you the hilarious, cutting edge Flying Carpet. Imagine flying like Aladdin and the princess.

New Costumes

Two more outfits can be added to your wardrobe now: Funky Valentine Costume and Eastern Gala Costume. You will find their stats very much come in handy. And of course, the change to your looks can be nothing but good for your ego!

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