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DDTank Launching on Games321, YooGames and More!

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DDTank, the 2D browser based Gunbound clone, is launching on numerous publisher websites. The game first appeared on the Aeria Games portal, but is now available on both YooGames and Games321. YooGames publishes Caesary, Maxpow, Kingory while Games321 is best known for Fairy Story Online. Like Caesary, whoever actually developed DDTank, decided to make the game available in as many places as possible rather than sticking with just one publisher.

DDTank Gameplay


Ngames, publisher of online games with broad appeal, is proud to announce a brand new browser-based game: DDTank. As a casual turn-based PvP shooter game with no requirement to download or install, DDTank allows you to fight against your opponents with a light heart.

In order to celebrate the opening of DDTank game server, Ngames has prepared a series of rousing activities and bonus gifts. Starting on November 18th, the celebration is full of rewarding new events and presents opportunities for players to win special in-game items.

Novice players can receive grand rewards, including newbie gift pack with powerful equipments and valuable items. You can then get armed to teeth and enjoy the power of various fantastic weapon. For those who are eager to level up ,double Exp reward will make your dream comes true. During the event, all channels of DDTank offers the opportunity to earn double EXP. Isn’t that fantastic? And more surprises is waiting for you if you apply the Double EXP card at the same time.

If you are in the pursuit of personal honour, there are also hilarious activities right for you. Ngames is looking for the strongest DDTanker to solve the mystery of Wharf Guard and will award the top three players on the ranking list with generous prize, including rare weapons with unique power. But don’t lose heart if you are not the strongest player. You can still make meaningful contributions by joining a league and help the league reach required level to win splendid items. And league of the highest level will receive a special reward.

In spite of exciting combat, some lucky players may also find the other half and hold a romantic wedding in game. Newly married couple has the right to claim special blessed perks, which include Flame Ring and Angel Bracelet.

If these gifts and events have already catched your eyes, why not hurry up, get ready to enjoy a fresh start, or bring your friends for adventure!

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