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DD Fighter: New Fantasy Game annouced by Teebik Games

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Leading mobile platform and game publisher, Teebik Games, has announced an all-new mobile strategy and battle game for Android and iOS. Named as DD Fighter, this is an online action shooting game that also allows multiplayer gameplay.

Based in a fantasy world, DD Fighter owns fancy 2D graphics and is classified as suitable for all kinds of gamers. The gameplay is focused on battling and conquering the world, while the accomplishments will be rewarded with crystals. These crystals could be used as in-game currency to buy weapons, improve their efficiency and skip levels. To proceed with the gameplay, players will be required to defeat the devil opponents and unlock new challenges.

The cute but fierce warrior characters in the game are highly customizable with unlimited character features. However, such customization would also require sufficient game resources. Game controls are quite simple and can easily be learned in the first few tries.

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